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SatisPoll Feedback is focused on increasing customer satisfaction and is designed for businesses that wish to offer services that are attractive for customers. Hotels, restaurants and shops are often unaware of how customers perceive their services. They are either unconcerned with their opinions, obtain them only with unnecessary difficulty or are unable to process them in a way that improves their services. But in fact, customers who see that the company cares about their satisfaction tend to keep coming back. SatisPoll Feedback helps businesses collect and analyse feedback in order to improve the quality of their services, thus improving the company's business results over the long-term.


Each customer expects 100% satisfaction, but it is impossible to fully satisfy all of them. People have different expectations and sometimes your effort to provide the perfect service is ruined just by having a "bad day". In the long run, it is inefficient to seek absolute satisfaction of all customers. With SatisPoll Feedback, you can set up your own service quality scale, which will allow you to monitor the overall satisfaction of your customers.

How does SatisPoll Feedback work?

Feedback collection

Instead of people writing about you on social networks or complaining to their friends, you will have a private space directly during the situation that is appropriate for the customer's evaluation.

Regular evaluations and reports

To get an overview of your customer service improvement, we will regularly send you easy-to-read reports. These reports will give you a clear idea of your company's performance.

Data analysis

We will help you analyse the collected data in depth and identify potential problems or opportunities for improvement.

Implementation of acquired outcomes.

Our consultants will advise you how to put the acquired outcomes in practice and gradually improve your customer service.

What does SatisPoll Feedback contain?

Reports and analyses

With clearly arranged analyses and continuous statistics on the individual services or product, you can take quick and correct decisions.

Web application in the colours of your company

The application – the heart of the entire Feedback – allows people to evaluate the services, view products or any other information about the company. The customer's experience can be kept in a tablet kiosk, on a website, sent by a text message or a QR code. A small reward awaits the customers anywhere.

Tablet kiosk with an application

Our tablet kiosks look great, but they will attract the customers especially with their contents. Besides a questionnaire for the feedback, you can offer information about new features, current events, benefits or products.

A team of experienced consultants

The Feedback service is run by a team of experienced consultants who will help you with initial setup of the system from a suitable location of the kiosk up to selection of questions in the questionnaire. They will assist with usage of the service, its calibration and evaluation of the data as well as implementation of innovative suggestions.

Benefits of SatisPoll Feedback

Private feedback collection

If you give your customers a chance to comment on a situation involving a complaint, the feedback will remain private. This means you won't need to worry about other customers' awareness of the problem.

It is more efficient than the expensive Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be quite expensive. Moreover, you can never be sure that it is well implemented. Compared with Mystery Shopping, investment in the SatisPoll Feedback service is much more efficient for its quality and coverage.

More feedback

We will increase the feedback using an attractive kiosk and other methods. Consequently, you will obtain a more accurate and current image of the state of your services.

Quick and flexible responses

Thanks to automatic notifications, you can react quickly and flexibly to a complaint. Instant and appropriate response to negative feedback will help improve brand perception as a whole.

An efficient solution for multiple branches

The SatisPoll Feedback service is primarily an online application. Therefore, it allows you to collect data from multiple branches, outlets or shops.

Comprehensive reports

We will help you get a better overview of how your business is doing. It will be easy for you to understand the reports and you will be able to use them to make quick decisions.

We will help you with setup

We will set up the whole concept so that you can immediately start to evaluate and continuously obtain correct results. But our work doesn't end there. We will advise you how to evaluate the data correctly and how to put the ideas and improvements into practice.

Demo satispoll feedback

Collection of feedback from ISO certified companies without needless difficulty

We can develop a customized application according to your requests and provide the necessary feedback for improving the quality of products pursuant to the particular ISO standard. For an ISO audit, we will prepare confirmation on collection of feedback, which you can submit directly to the auditor. The whole report and evaluation can be managed in clearly written reports.


We will help you to properly set up feedback essential for obtaining ISO certification


We will help you set up collection of feedback essential for obtaining ISO certification


We will set up regular, easy-to-read reporting and help you evaluate it


We will provide expert consultancy throughout the entire project

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