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Customized applications for every hotel

We will design and develop our customized SatisPoll application. Your customers will appreciate it and it will help you with your strategic decisions. We can tell you what equipment to purchase and how to incorporate it in your company.

Application setup options


In this part you will find a section on its usage in hotel rooms –items such as minibar supplies, towels, ordering room clean-up or taxis. Immediately after ordering one of the services, the reception desk receives a simple email with the room number and the request.


Everybody knows Tripadvisor and can imagine how a negative review can affect the hotel's occupancy. Our solution has partly found a way to capture a certain amount of negative comments on this server.


This is one of the concept's segments. This tool is used for guest's review, either of the staff, the restaurant or other services provided by the hotel. This segment is evaluated by the use of an easy-to-read report in which you can set daily, weekly or monthly intervals, thus gaining information on the quality of provided services.


It should also be noted that our concept is multilingual. It is possible to implement any language according to the customer's needs. You can thus break a language barrier between the guest and the reception in case of the above-mentioned orders, for example.

Web browser

Another optional item of the application is implementation of a web browser directly into the application so that guests can get connected directly in their room.


This is an information channel for the guest's entertainment and a source of information on domestic and foreign news. In this section, guests can read news from home or abroad. It can be set according to the hotel's needs or the guest's nationality. (Times, Daily News, CNN, Novinky, etc.)

Places of interest

This is another feature of our concept. It is possible to enter interesting locations around the hotel, i.e. historical sites, natural monuments or other attractions. This section is usually filled with photographs and a short description of the location, its address or position.


This item is another optional section of our concept. Here you can place an offer of your services, such as an offer of a spa or meals in the restaurant.

Space for advertising

This section is one of the ways to partially cut the operating costs of your concept. You can enter a reference to services of friendly providers for services that your hotel does not provide and rent this reference as a space for their advertising.

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