We make apps

We deliver cutting edge solutions for market leaders around the world. From ERP to Health Care systems, Enterprise DBMS to Advanced Messaging; solutions tailored for desktop, web and mobile. Our fundamental goal is to provide the perfect solution for your needs.


Our main aim is to provide perfect and reliable solutions for your needs.

Web Development

Programming web applications with responsive design for easy accessibility via a web browser from any device (desktop, tablet or mobile phone)

Bespoke Solutions

We can provide you with bespoke business solutions for all of your needs (secure browser systems, mobile compatible, native mobile apps, fully translatable)

Mobile Applications

Development of mobile applications for mobile phones and tablets with Google Android and Windows Phone platforms


We provide software developers and designers individually or in teams to help you fulfil projects of all sizes. We have an ever growing team of experts in multiple technologies


We use the following modern technologies to develop web, mobile and desktop applications

Web Development

For web applications development, we use ASP.NET technology stack based on Microsoft’s .NET framework.
HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Javascript / JQuery / JQuery UI / Bootstrap
To create user interfaces of our web applications, we use the latest standards – HTML 5 and CSS 3. To extend the client side functionality, we utilise the JavaScript scripting language and related libraries like jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap and other.
A vast experience delivering ASP.NET solutions including SOAP based and RESTful web services.
Groovy is built on top of Java. Grails is a Groovy Web Framework. We use Grails for our own internal developments.
GWT is a Java to Javascript Compiler.


Microsoft SQL Server
A popular database of choice for ASP.NET developments with Entity Framework library.
Our preferred Open Source database when working with Hibernate or Entity Framework, which are Object Relational Mapping Libraries.
Progress / OpenEdge
We have elite developers skilled in Character, GUI and Webspeed using the Progress 4GL and OpenEdge.

Messaging and Integration

Rabbit MQ
A solid and well supported Open Source solution which we use in our own applications.
Sonic MQ/ESB
Our consultants developed a Sonic Solution to deliver real time B2B financial transactions.

Mobile Applications

We have delivered bespoke Android Applications which integrate with third party hardware.
Windows Phone / Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
We can also deliver Universal Windows applications (UWP) for phones and tablets with Windows operating system.
A great solution when multiple mobile operating systems are required as much of the code base can be shared.

Information Systems

To create rich desktop applications on the Windows platform, we design UI with WPF and XAML technologies.
WinForms / .NET Framework
To implement UI of Windows desktop application, we can also use the older WinForms technology together based on the Microsoft .NET framework.

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